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Product information " Aloe Vera SYNERGY Wash Cleanser "

Intensive cleaning gel

Intensive skin cleansing is the most important prerequisite for a healthy and radiant appearance.

This water-soluble cleansing concentrate is suitable for all skin types.

With its special formula, it not only removes dirt and dust from the skin, but also opens the pores so that deposits such as sebum can flow out of the pores. In this way you thoroughly remove impurities and deposits and prevent future skin impurities. Poorly cleaned skin is easily attacked by pathogens that can cause unsightly side effects.

Aloe Vera SYNGERIE Wash Cleanser is extremely economical and productive and gives you a pleasant feeling of freshness. Your skin will be pure and fine.

Aloe vera top facts
For thousands of years, the juice of the aloe vera plant has been used all over the world as a healing and beauty elixir.


Content : 125 ml

Aloe Vera Wash Cleanser

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