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CooLifting – Beauty Gun.

The anti-aging revolution.

kuster coolifting.png

The CooLifiting system enables a non-invasive, firming facial treatment. To do this, compressed CO2 is blasted onto the epidermis at a very low temperature using the CooLifting Beauty Gun. The pressure of the CO2 flow combined with the cold stimulus allows penetration of the tissue.

CO2 - classic remedy, used in a modern way.

The treatment only takes a few minutes!
Up to 8 treatments within a month (two treatments per week) are possible to achieve better results. After that only once a month.

Ideal before a special event…
A date?
A wedding?
Job interview?


A lifting in between and also completely painless.

Short and sweet: Anti-aging in just 5 minutes.

  • Unique symbiosis between highly concentrated anti-aging agents and effective activation of the epidermis

  • Visible effects after the first application: in just 5 minutes, the skin looks 10 years younger

  • Patented and painless non-invasive procedure

  • No special care required after the treatment

Unit price :  face & nec  approx . 50 mins CHF 162.-

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