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Detox Wrap in St. Gallen

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How does the detox wrap work with a loss of at least 15 cm in one session?

The whole body is wrapped from head to toe with the warm, soaked bandages in healing earth and basic minerals. During the treatment, the wrap pulls the metabolites stored in it through the skin.

We measure the circumference of the body before and after the treatment and guarantee you a minimum circumference loss of 15 cm or you pay nothing.

Where do the metabolites come from?

Every day we put industrial sugar, wheat, alcohol and much more into our bodies. During metabolism, waste products are produced that have an acidic PH value, which are not toxins but promote inflammation. These in turn have a negative impact on joints and connective tissue.  

Can our body detoxify & cleanse itself?

In any case, our body is capable of cleaning and detoxifying itself,  otherwise we wouldn't survive a single day. But you can take care of your body and support and care for it. With alkaline nutrition, interval fasting, exercise and a detox wrap.

The detox wrap has been known for more than 25 years and is carried out in many institutes with the original healing earth mixture. As far as we know, SK Cosmetics is the only institute in Switzerland that has the training and the certificate to offer the detox wrap with a money-back guarantee.


                           Detox wrap 90min. CHF 360.- 

Recognized by health insurance companies

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