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Micro needling in St. Gallen with the Dermaneed – natural skin rejuvenation

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Would you like to visibly rejuvenate your skin without risking a serious operation? Then micro-needling is an effective & natural alternative to stimulate your skin to rejuvenate itself!

Because your skin naturally has everything it needs to stay beautiful. Micro-needling activates precisely these natural regeneration processes in order to initiate natural skin rejuvenation. The skin produces collagen again and regains its firmness and elasticity. An improvement in the skin structure takes place. In fact, from the age of 25, our skin is already thinning by about one percent per year. As it gets thinner, it becomes less elastic and has a harder time retaining moisture. 

1. What is cosmetic micro-needling and how does the treatment work?

Micro needling is a stimulating and deeply effective cosmetic treatment to achieve natural skin rejuvenation. The extra fine needles reach deeper skin layers (epidermis), thus skin regeneration is stimulated and stimulated by a natural wound healing process. These growth factors promote blood circulation and the skin's own collagen production.

The Dermaneed needles support different needle lengths in order to optimally match the penetration depth to the skin type, skin texture and treatment requirements of the customer. The skin starts to produce elastin & collagen by itself and regenerates itself from within.

As a result, the skin structure (epidermis) is improved and this is also clearly visible on the outer skin. The skin surface becomes smoother, firmer, fresher and gains new firmness and elasticity. An optical skin rejuvenation is achieved.

There are different micro-needling methods that affect the skin's surface in a slightly different way.


A distinction is made between the Micro-Needling Dermaroller and Micro-Needling Dermaneed. In my beauty salon SK Cosmetics in St. Gallen, only the Dermaneed from "e-Dermaneed" is used for a micro-needling treatment. Dermaneed is the current leader among microneedling dermapens. Anti-aging active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, can have a more intensive effect after a micro-needling treatment and bring about a clearly visible improvement in the skin.

Apart from the good anti-aging effect, micro-needling is also suitable for numerous other skin problems and is therefore used in a wide range of cosmetics.

4. When are the first positive changes in the skin's appearance visible?

Already after the first micro-needling treatment, a more beautiful and soft skin feeling can be felt. However, so that this effect can last or remain deeply effective, several micro-needling sessions are recommended. Visible results can be expected after 3 applications. A course of 3 to 5 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart is therefore recommended.

The result is a clearly visible improvement in the skin. Wrinkles, scars, acne scars, pigment disorders or stretch marks can disappear completely

5. How should I care for my skin after micro-needling?

Slight redness and swelling may occur during and after the treatment. Small scales of skin can also be expected in the perioral areas in the next few days, but these will subside again without further ado.  

In this case, these processes are a sign of the initiation of the skin's natural regeneration processes.

Because of this, essential oils or other strong chemical care products should be avoided after the treatment. The skin should be protected daily with a good sunscreen product with a high sun protection factor. Extensive sunbathing, excessive exposure to the sun or visiting a solarium should be avoided.

Only Face : CHF  250.-

Face and  :  CHF 279.-   

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