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This is how lymphatic drainage works in St. Gallen

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1. Less cellulite

The gentle lymph massage with the Ballancer system stimulates the lymph flow, improves blood circulation in the skin and stored tissue water can be removed more quickly. The days of the unpopular orange peel are numbered.

2. Stimulate metabolism

This power treatment with the Ballancer stimulates blood circulation and thus the entire metabolism. The organism is revitalized and the metabolism is really stimulated. This has a positive effect on the natural elimination of unwanted metabolic end products.

3. For love handles

Sustainable reduction of the fat deposits in the usual problem areas of the buttocks, stomach and thighs is fundamentally promoted by a healthy diet and exercise. The Ballancer lymphatic drainage can also support these effects by activating the metabolism.

4. Simply feel good

A break from everyday life: many of our users report that the gentle massage has a very relaxing effect. This not only reduces stress.

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