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1. The anti-aging hit in St. Gallen

The method works specifically against skin aging. In combination with micro-needling, the absolute anti-aging hit. Already with the 1st treatment we achieve an even glow and a refined complexion. After the treatment you are socially acceptable again immediately. 

2. For whom is a medical peel suitable?

In principle, a medical peeling is suitable for all skin types. After a skin analysis, the active ingredients are put together according to the skin type.

  • scar

  • Acne Scars

  • redness

  • large pores

  • tired and dull skin

  • pigment spots

  • pucker

3. How do I get best results

  • daily home care with the right products

  • sun protection

  • 3-5 sessions for lasting sustainability




Unit price:             CHF 169.-

& Neck,                   CHF   25.-

& Décolleté,           CHF   20.-       _

& Hands,                 CHF   25.-

& Back,                    CHF  40.-








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