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Arguments for a colon cleanse!

The intestine is the organ with the largest internal surface area.

So we perceive the world very intensively with our intestines and are there too

exposed to different influences.


If he is healthy, the necessary building blocks for

the function of the healthy organism is sufficiently absorbed from food and

are synthesized, such as minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins.

In this way, the organism builds its own "self" from the "alien world".

Due to the "modern" diet with canned foods, fast food and chemical residues

our intestines are loaded with deposited substances.

Through the foods that have been preferred for about three generations, such as white flour products,

animal protein, white sugar, as well as chemical additives ( microplastics), will prevent the formation of acid

favored in the body.


The result is incomplete digestion, the formation of

Mucous deposits and metabolic waste products, their breakdown products through the blood

must be absorbed and broken down by the liver and can   promote a porous intestine syndrome (leaky gut syndrome). The function of the intestine and its consequences are enormously complex and

to be explained in not a few words 

It follows that a colon cleansing is the first step towards a sanitation of the body

or certain organs are usually very useful.

Only when this step has been taken can targeted healing measures really work.


11 steps


1. Health care

80% of the immune system is located in and around the gut. That is why it is important through preventive

Measures of cleaning and detoxifying the functions of the intestine and the

Strengthen the immune system and regain vitality and clarity.


2. Regenerate intestinal flora

Due to an unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet, more than 90% of

Population has a disturbed intestinal flora.


3. Eliminate slag and slime layers

The mucoid layers of mucus on the intestinal walls initially form as protection against

the sins of eating. But if you constantly eat wrong and a

If there is a lack of minerals, the layers become thicker and eventually impede the

absorption of nutrients. They also form through decaying food components, the

are held constantly toxins, which damage the intestinal wall and in which

parasites feel particularly comfortable.

4. Prevent undersupply of the body

The encrustation of the intestine with layers of mucus leads to limited absorption

of nutrients and thus to the undersupply of the body with vital substances.

5. Prevent the body from self-poisoning

This so-called toxemia can and does lead to many chronic diseases

Cause mostly in the mucoid mucous layers, which are the ideal breeding ground for parasites and

are putrefactive bacteria.


6. Increase your self-healing powers

By cleaning and detoxifying the intestines, your immune system is significantly relieved

and strengthened so that your entire body becomes more resilient and active.

7. Cope better with environmental pressures

The living conditions have never been so stressful and the environmental pollution so

numerous. Our food is grown on artificially depleted soil, with

Pesticides, fertilizers and sprays loaded with artificial preservatives, colors and

Flavorings provided and irradiated for better durability.


8. Eliminate the basis of life for parasites and germs

By cleansing and detoxifying your body, you take away from these life forms

their habitat. Also, your strengthened immune system will now be lighter with these

tormentors done.

9. Eliminate constipation and constipation

If you remove these deposits through the cleansing and restore the natural intestinal flora, your natural intestinal functions will also be back.

10. Lose weight naturally

It is particularly advantageous that you mainly remove slag, mucilage and harmful ballast

to lose.

Many people have already managed to get new ones with a four-week cure

Change your eating habits and keep your weight at a healthy level

to keep level. The food can be processed better, so that the metabolism increases

improved and it is easier for everyone to reach their ideal weight.


11. Spiritual advancement

It is a special phenomenon that a colon cleansing not only has a physical effect

gets rid of slags, but also leaves "mental slags" behind.

We recommend the

1. Flea seed shake / Colon Clean with all intestinal bacteria,

2. MSM 

3. Paraclean

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