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For a long time I thought about the possibilities I have with my small business to support the environment, people, animals and nature.

I was primarily inspired by my passion for outdoor adventures and an extensive project that I implemented with my partner years ago. A bike tour turned into a trip around the world, self-sufficient, as far as possible, and only with emission-free means of transport. On the way we collected donations for the aid organization «SOS Children's Village». Over a total of around 34,000 kilometers, a proud chunk came together within two years. Anyone who wants to know more about our journey and the charity project can find information at the following link: .

In my opinion, the responsibility for a mindful coexistence and an intact environment lies with each individual. It doesn't always have to be monetary donations. An inner wake-up call should help you to think about your own ways of meeting this responsibility. This takes courage and creativity. A process that is allowed to develop. Since February 24, 2022, the world has been moving ONE topic: The great need in war-torn Ukraine. It touches me deeply how all people around the world are joining forces to help people who are experiencing unimaginable suffering. I see humanitarian aid taking flight. A noticeable potential of concentrated energy. To me
a WOW!

SK supports people and nature on a small and large scale. This is how we help our customers to feel comfortable in their own skin, in their own bodies. This path leads through natural care, happy aging and an individualized treatment concept. But SK also thinks of those who are threatened with life and limb:

That's why SK supports with:

1 .  1% of the business profit
2.  100% off the sale of Icon Bracelets
3 .  50% of profit from training courses


SK is committed to:

1. Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine
2. Women experiencing violence
3. Clean seas, free from plastic and garbage

Your Sarah Kuster

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