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Product information "Aloe Vera SYNERGIE Avocado E Oil" Soft, delicate and fine skin Aloe Vera SYNERGIE Avocado E Oil activates the utilization of nutrients. It nourishes and protects you throughout the day and is particularly moisturizing. This creates a noticeably better feeling on the skin. Aloe Vera SYNERGIE Avocado E Oil with its high vitamin E content softens hardened, inelastic skin tissue and also prevents scarring. It effectively strengthens the skin's own motor functions and reduces premature skin aging. The skin structure appears soft, firm, delicate and supple. Aloe vera and avocado have long been known to be particularly nourishing. This wax-free and fine-molecular combination of the natural substances of both plants noticeably tightens and rejuvenates the skin. Content : 30 ml

Aloe Vera Avocado E Oil

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