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Product information "Explicit Cell Repair Mask"

Power regeneration overnight! 

As a treatment mask, this soft, light mask composition activates the skin's own repair mechanisms overnight with three valuable  power peptides .

What are Power Peptides?  Peptides are endogenous protein building blocks that activate the natural regeneration process of the cells. The currently most effective ones are called power peptides. These power repair substances protect the cell DNA from harmful influences, e.g. B. by too much UV exposure.

In addition, they slow down smoldering tissue fires, so-called inflamm aging processes, and activate the cellular repair mechanisms. This promotes a youthful, smooth and firm complexion.

Tip:  Discover with the  Soft & Repair Set  two nocturnal helpers on the way to a more attractive complexion.


Content : 50 ml

Cell Repair Mask

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