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Product information " explicit Dermabrasion Soft Gel pH 3.6 "

Radiant complexion with the Dermabrasion Soft Gel pH 3.6 - overnight regeneration!

A beautiful, soft and smooth skin structure requires regular removal of dead particles. The  Dermabrasion Soft Gel   gets rid of excess skin cells without attacking the natural protective function of the complexion.

The gel penetrates immediately and can be left on the skin overnight. Dissolved particles are removed from the skin with morning cleansing. What remains is a beautiful, soft and delicate skin structure.

Special advantage:  As long as dead particles are removed regularly, negative skin bacteria are prevented from nesting. In addition, the probiotic formulation of the Dermabrasion Soft Gel promotes positive skin bacteria. This increases the skin's own defense mechanism and thus prevents external attacks and inflammatory processes. The complexion appears resilient and wonderfully pure and fine in the long term.

Tip:  With the  Soft & Repair Set discover two nocturnal helpers on the way to a more attractive complexion.

Also available in a set.


Content : 30 ml

Dermabrasion Soft Gel pH 3.6

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