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Product information " eoipso Time Repair Racy Serum by Maxximas "

TIME REPAIR - when the skin calls SOS

Redness, irritation and sensitivity are the skin's calls for help.

Support your complexion with gentle and intensive repair substances aimed at self-renewal of the skin.
For a beautiful flawless appearance.

Many small foci of inflammation, triggered by injuries, sunburn or poor diet, are considered the "culprits" of inflamm-aging.

“Smoldering fires” flicker in the tissue almost unnoticed, damaging cells and robbing substance.

The skin ages faster - the so-called inflamm-aging.

A new anti-inflammatory aging formula has been discovered. This combined thanks to the latest biotechnology

  • the power of sea plants with antioxidants,
  • the energy of vitamins with hyaluron,
  • green tea with yeast extracts,
  • hexapeptides and apple stem cells,
  • Chamomile and Shea Butter.

eo ipso  is laboratory cosmetics. The goal: to influence accelerated skin aging.

eo ipso  preparations like das  Time Repair Racy Serum  supplement z. Belly
our Face Tone Balance Set   perfect.

You can also incorporate it very well with the Beauty Farm   ultrasonic cell phone.


Content : 30 ml


Time Repair Racy Serum

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